Does your deepest inner core drive you to serve

But recognize you can’t do it all alone?

As a Heart-Centered Entrepreneur, I am sure you went into business like many, because you wanted to make an impact through contribution. When holding this powerful intention and promise to the world – day-to-day activities can feel like a distraction from your passion. This leads to frustration, overwhelm, doubt, and sometimes even downright disappointment.

Being a business owner and finding balance in your personal life can be difficult at times, particularly when you are trying to do it all.

I get it!! – because that was me!

I would like to offer you an opportunity to:

  • Create A Vision for Your Business
  • Build the Strategy & Blueprint to Meet that Vision
  • Train the Mind to Release Blocks, Fears & Limitations
  • Delegate this blueprint to a team of Virtual Professionals
  • Increase Your Energy by Freeing Your Time to Focus on What You Love

Maybe you already have a plan, but just need a team to put it into action?

  • Let me summarize by saying we do EVERYTHING except bookkeeping & accounting. (But I know someone who does)
  • Together we will look at your timeline to accomplish your goals and work that into your budget.
  • If you know you need help, but do not know where to begin – don’t worry that is what I am here for. 

You can have the freedom to stop worrying or losing sleep about how to get it all done.
You can stop spending countless hours trying to figure it all out on your own. 
You can grow your business by focusing on the parts you LOVE and getting rid of what is slowing you down.

Imagine Having The Support of a  Fellow Ally Acting as a Catalyst to Drive Your Business into Action

Hi, my name is Amanda Scocozzo and I’ve spent over 20 years working in law and finance while studying personal development, my true passion. Through those long endless and unappreciated hours in corporate management, my love for personal growth is what got me through each day. Through relentless dedication and commitment, I launched two successful businesses as a  Life Coach and Motivational Speaker which utilized my gifts of intuition and seeing the best in others.

I began to find clients organically progressing toward me who wanted clarity and guidance to build their businesses. Since I worked as a consultant for many years to supplement my income, it felt natural as I worked with them to build, grow, and troubleshoot what the missing links were in their business plan. After the first few years of building my own name in the coaching industry, I knew I was ready to transition to where I was being led naturally

In my experience through the years, I have hired my own coach to find the clarity and direction I needed at the time. I always walked away feeling like I was ON FIRE .. until I had to implement all of the changes and processes we talked about. At the time, I knew nothing about Facebook ads, SEO optimization, or how to create an online calendar. I learned everything step by step and took more classes so that I could become more tech-savvy, and before I knew it – I had no time to coach anymore because I filled up my schedule so much trying to manage and implement all of these changes that I lost focus of why I became a coach in the first place. 

My next move became obvious to me. I needed to work with heart-centered business owners, like myself, to create a solid blueprint and business plan while I built my own Team of Virtual Professionals to implement those very steps. I saw clearly the need for this when speaking among my peers who strongly disliked “the office stuff” and sometimes even wanted to just give up.

I realized at that time, I was lucky. I had been doing the very “office stuff” that my peers wanted to run and hide from. I had the secret formula to help their businesses succeed and now I am sharing these very same tools with you! 

I meet with my clients to outline their business needs while recreating their dream business so they can focus on what they love and simply leave the rest to us. I am contracted with a team of professionals that will walk you through each step of the way no matter the task.