Monthly Coaching


Monthly Coaching

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If you are a self motivated entrepreneur that enjoys the A-Z of running your business, but would excel with the assistance of a coach for support throughout the implementation, this package is right for you. 

Let's get those creative juices flowing. We will work together One on One while you receive the support, guidance and encouragement needed throughout our time together.  

The plan is to 

  1. Create Your Personal Vision for Your Business
  2. Outline the Blueprint and Action Plan to get you there
  3. Create the proper Mindset to hold the Space for Success
  4. Explore Your Strengths and Weaknesses to determine where You may  benefit by building a particular skillset 
  5. Identify where you are Loosing Momentum and Energy
  • Includes (4) 60 Minute Calls Per Month 
  • Unlimited Email Access
  • Strong Accountability Checks in from Yours Truly - to Keep You on Track.