3 Month Coaching Commitment


3 Month Coaching Commitment

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3 Month Commitment

While, like above you are self motivated, you recognize the benefit of making a commitment to yourself will have on your business and appreciate the savings reward that comes along with the investment you have made for yourself and the future of your business.

You are ready to create the Blueprint to Success.

  1. Get Clear Personal Vision for Your Business
  2. Outline the Blueprint and Action Plan to get you there
  3. Create the proper Mindset to hold the Space for Success
  4. Explore Your Strengths and Weaknesses to determine where You may  benefit by building a particular skillset 
  5. Identify where you are Loosing Momentum and Energy
  6. Align Yourself with Your purpose & Your Clients Needs
  7. Develop & Delegate (support packages available)
  8. Maintain Work/Life balance


BONUS: Unlimited Email Access

  • (4) 60 Minute Calls Per Month with Certified Coach - Amanda Scocozzo C.P.C.
  • Weekly Check Ins
  • Strong Accountability Checks in from Yours Truly & Stay on Track

Billed in 3 Month Increments,

Paypal Credit is Available for 0% Financing Option