Gold Package


Gold Package

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1 Year Business Coaching

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VIP Gold Package - 1 Year Commitment

It's like having your own business partner with your best interest at heart and Your Voice will always be heard!

Being an entrepreneur can sometimes be a lonely road, It is a natural human need to desire support and not be on this journey alone. Being an entrepreneur should be exciting, although it is natural to sometimes get burnt out, overwhelmed or maybe even loose focus - YES even you. Loosing focus does not mean that you it is time to give up, it means it is time to reach out for . When feeling discouraged, receiving the encouragement you need to get back on track, is the KEY to not giving up and staying on track.

You are ready to Create & implement the Blueprint to Success.

  • Get Clear Personal Vision for Your Business
  • Outline the Blueprint and Action Plan to get you there
  • Create the proper Mindset to hold the Space for Success
  • Explore Your Strengths and Weaknesses to determine where You may  benefit by building a particular skillset 
  • Identify where you are Loosing Momentum and Energy
  • Align Yourself with Your purpose & Your Clients Needs
  • Develop & Delegate (support packages available)
  • Maintain Work/Life balance


  • Unlimited Phone & Email Support with Certified Coach- Amanda Scocozzo, C.P.C.
  • Greatest Savings of $2000.00 for Year
  • Paypal Credit Financing Available at 0% APR