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Are the day to day tasks to maintain and grow your business becoming too much to handle and taking away from the energy that you would like to apply towards the area of development that you truly love?

Maybe you find it difficult to spend adequate time on the real business because you have to spend too much time on small but equally important chores around the office, chores like email marketing or social media management. Sometimes building a small business and growing it requires maximizing every leverage you can find, much the same way as you use small machines to help with certain chores in your everyday life.

  • Have you lost a contract opportunity just because you couldn’t keep track of the deadline?
  • Do you find it difficult to keep track of information about your clients because you don’t have an updated client database?
  • Or maybe you sometimes have to postpone very exciting projects because you spend too much time handling the regular clerical duties around the office.

If all these describe the challenges you are currently facing in your business,
it’s time to switch to Virtually Empowered team and put an end to your problems!

Virtually Empowered is a virtual assistant company set up with the aim to assist professional speakers, coaches, business owners and entrepreneurs in making their corporate chores easy. We offer a variety of administrative, design, marketing and support  services to our clients. We usually help manage all of the responsibilities related to the daily administration of their businesses while they focus on their clients and providing the services for which they are in business.

JUNE -Special Offers!

If you are looking to skyrocket your online visibility, we’ve got some exciting offers for you!

Logo and Branding: Now you can take your business to a whole new level by establishing yourself as an authority! We will design an eye catching logo to present your brand in the best way possible. Getting an artistically gratifying and unforgettable logo could make a huge difference when you’re promoting yourself to potential customers. Our team of experts will craft some amazing for you! The best part?

Save $100 today. Yes, you can grab our logo and branding services only for $200.

Website Design: 8 out of 10 new businesses fail within 18 months of their start-up! Reason? Poor Website!! That’s a whopping 80%! For a new entrepreneur, it is definitely scary. But with Virtually Empowered team, you are guaranteed a supercharged website that not only brings you customers, but is certain to last.

Now you can save $100 by grabbing a power-packed 5-page wordpress website only for $900. Limited Offer!

Social Media Presence: We are currently living in the age of social media. Popular sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram draw billions of users daily. For this reason, there are no secrets about the massive market reach and potential of social media. Virtually Empowered team offers your brand professional, high-quality social media services to create a thriving business that is successful in every aspect. We offer 10 Hours of Social Media Management with Strategy Outline, Content Management, and Creation – making sure your business gets the success it deserves.

For a limited time, you can grab our social media package for $450 (SAVE $100).

 Save Time And Money!

Your business will have access to broad, unlimited expertise that you would ordinarily not be able to gather at the same business location. It also saves you money as our team of virtual assistants work as self-employed professionals from our location so you don’t have to pay anything extra besides what you pay for the particular work you want to be done. No physical office space! So you don't have to worry about where you will fit an assistant in your small office space.

Hiring a virtual assistant from Virtually Empowered gives you the advantages of working with highly experienced, dedicated and professional administrators and personal assistants without the associated expenses or stress.

Our Perks!

What makes our service special is that I am a business coach and I have that magical factor that makes me stand out from the crowd. So you can take advantage of my business coaching skills as well as a full virtual team dedicated to fulfill your needs.

We even offer optional coaching services which makes it much easier for you to bring creativity and right moves into action. We are the only one - the pioneers in this industry who offer VA plus coaching services. This service is completely optional and you can grab it for a special price.

Virtually Empowered provides heart-centered entrepreneurs with the tools and support to focus on their passion while we put a team of virtual professionals at your disposal to design and implement your Balanced Business Blueprint. At Virtually Empowered:

·        We maximize the advantages that come with exploiting technology, encouraging our team of dedicated members to work from where they are most efficient. We manage and encourage our team members to ensure that they deliver your work well before a deadline expires.

·        Our virtual assistant services are adapted to all sizes of businesses and sectors, ranging from small business owners and entrepreneurs to big business set-ups, our virtual assistant services cater to all your needs no matter the size of your business.

·        Our team members are versatile, experienced and dedicated and are committed to saving our clients precious time, reduce their daily stress and increase their sales and growth. We offer a reasonable and adaptable administrative solution to corporate individuals, small and big businesses.

We also offer tons of other services to make sure you are on the right track.

At Virtually Empowered, we save you a lot of time and money and help you gain more control over your business with our efficient bookkeeping services. Also, we assist you with your proofreading and copy-editing jobs; we can help you identify possible errors in your documents, errors like spacing, typographical errors, fonts, numbering, etc. We also help you ensure that your documents are consistent, and other relevant contents like grammar, punctuation and spelling are correct. These are just three of the numerous virtual assistant services we offer.

Sometimes when you handle everything yourself, you get to a point where your day is overwhelmed, and you have to use your relaxation time to catch-up.

So hit us up today and discover the freedom and the gift of time, as our virtual dream team takes away your worries by creating ease and flow in your business.

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Being a business owner and finding balance in your personal life can be difficult at times, particularly when you are trying to do it all, our job is to take the burden of small but very important chores off your neck while saving you a lot of time and energy in the process.

Isn't it time that you STOP trying to do it ALL ...

and START  designing  the business of your dreams while LIVING the Life You LOVE ???


Virtually Empowered provides soulful business women the tools and support to focus on their passion while Your Personal Business Strategist, Amanda leads your Team of Virtual Professionals to design and implement your Balanced Business Blueprint.