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6 Things to Get Started After You Become a Coach


6 Things to Get Started After You Become a Coach

Ok! So you had a dream right?

You wanted to serve others and live from your heart!

Your dream was to contribute in a positive way to the world and make it a better place.

You have loads of ideas that you cannot wait to implement! 

You followed your heart and passion with a deep desire to succeed and dove head first into any book, article, youtube video, online course, and certification you could get your hands on! 

It is time, you are ready to get your hands dirty, share your knowledge, and fill your heart with the joy of helping others. You experience an inner knowing from within, that others need you and you have the ability to impact lives to make a positive change. There are people everywhere that you should connect with. 

You are bursting inside to share your knowledge with others! 

Where do you begin? 


I am sure as you are surrounded by people "who have made it", Facebook in particular - you are feeling frustrated and maybe even a little embarrassed not knowing where to start or even how to ask for help.

It seems like these coaches are popping up everywhere with courses explaining how they made $10,000 in their first 30 days. Are you sick of those ads yet? I know I am, I am seeing them everywhere. 

So what happens then? You take yet another course, that maybe you do not apply yourself to fully - either because you don't have the time OR you do not know how to implement the technical aspect of the plan. One way or the other - you burn out, get overwhelmed and give up. 

If they are not paying you, it is a hobby not a business. So where do you get started?


1. Practice .. Practice ... Practice

  • I cannot emphasize this enough.  Get used to working with others and finding out how you relate to different personalities.  
  • Even if when you are starting out - you do it for free, this practice is not just a gift you them but a lesson for YOU.
  • Use this time to overcome your fears, develop your voice, and create your Signature Plan
  • FYI - The Signature Plan that you offer, will not resonate unless you know WHO you are speaking to and WHAT you offer them - this is where the PRACTICE comes in.

Practice is a gift not just for others, but for YOU.

3. Be Real - People can see bullshit a mile away, so do yourself a favor and just be you. 

  • Your pain points are your gifts 
  • Remember to deliver how you grew because of them 
  • Share parts of you, those vulnerable scary parts - because someone out there is going through the same thing and needs your message.


4. When is too much? Finding the balance between oversharing and providing value

  • Take a moment and breathe if you are going through something, but as the light begins to open up this is when it is safe to share. You want to find the balance between sharing to help others grow, and others seeing you in your chaos.
  • Do a check in with yourself, if your energy is still unclear - this is not the time to share. Give it a moment and sit with it - the lesson is not going anywhere.

4.  Know Your Audience  - This is where it all begins. I know you might be sick of hearing "Find Your Niche", but trust me, without it- you will find yourself spinning your wheels. I am so passionate about your voice and message being clear, I am offering a complimentary call - no strings attached - because it means that much to me. 

Let's Create Magic Together, Call Me! 

If you are stuck, and struggling to narrow down your audience - schedule a call today  

5. Be Consistent - You do not need to fit in a box, or do what everyone else is doing - actually Please Don't!! But - whatever direction and plan you have stick with it, you never know who is watching.

  • Consistency breeds confidence
  • Confidence breeds certainty
  • Certainty breeds empowerment 

6. Be Seen - Get out there and get in front of people. Here are some ideas:

  • Periscope / Facebook Live
  • Deliver value in communities/Facebook groups
  • Build a local community in your town - library, wellness center, business center, schools 
  • Go where your audience is and engage them 
  • Offer free opt-ins to build your tribe - Downloads, Video Series, Free Call 
  • Guest speaker on podcasts
  • Guest Writer on blogs 
  • Establish yourself as an expert. 

Now get out there, try it, and let me know how you did!