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They Told Me I Could not Do It! I Proved Them Wrong AGAIN

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I have been told SO many times in life: 

You can't do that.
You won't succeed.
You won't make money doing that.
If you don't do XX you will XX (fill in the blank, I cannot begin to list them all!)

I am not sure how I managed to stay on track after being knocked down. I am not talking about just business here. 

Can I be real with you?

I remember back to my teen years when I wanted to attend cosmetology. (Wasn't that what every girl dreams of? Unlimited access to hair, makeup, nails for HOURS each day?)

I digress.

I remember the day I told my father, the person who was supposed to build me up, sharing what my dreams were, His exact words: 

You will never make money doing that, and I am not going to waste my money on it because I know you will never follow through.

Ouch! That stings!

So what am I hearing and interpreting in my mind and heart is I am not valuable enough for you to invest your money in, I am a failure, and my dreams are not important. 

How do you think that impacted me? 

Well for most, it would knock them down and they would give up. I had the opposite effect. I was tired of hearing this story repeated over and over and a switch went off. I was going to prove him wrong! I got the money together that summer for enrollment and hustled in my summer job to raise enough money to attend. My high school paid for the rest, I only needed enough to cover supplies, thank goodness.

Now to give you an understanding, my father and I did not have an ideal father-daughter relationship. We were more like oil and water.  (Oil and water don’t mix no matter how much a person might try.)

I ended up completing cosmetology and averaged a 90-95 average. It was absolutely something I enjoyed, After graduation, I worked in various salons, but I realized the physical aspect of the work and did not stay on this career path for long. Does it mean that I failed? No, I learned a lot along the way, and still utilize a lot of it to this day. It was an incredible experience, and do not regret the time or effort put in. After all, is this not how we find our way? 

Let's flash ahead 10 years

When I started my coaching business ten years ago, I had so many naysayers, especially because coaching was not yet as popular as it is today. That I could not make money, that I could not sustain myself, that people do not need that kind of service. Imagine that! Look at where we are now! The coaching industry has certainly taken off since then.

I trusted myself and knew that it was my calling. My passion since I was a child if you can imagine that, serving others and helping them to find a way to blossom and grow. It was who I was, how could I not do this?

I maintained my coaching part time, regularly attended classes to further my education, and fully embraced my destiny. Nothing anyone said could hold me back, nothing could stop me.

Except for the New York State Unemployment Office! 

I was so close to fully stepping into my dream, I had left my corporate job now, about 5 years ago with severance pay, and thought this is it! It is time for me to go all in and launching my coaching practice. 

I hit a roadblock! 

When I applied for unemployment, they said that you could start a business while unemployed but it needed to be a business I never did before. I thought to myself, great here is my chance to put 110% into my coaching business and I have hit a wall. 

I did not stay down for long. 

It was time to get creative because I knew that working in an office was no longer for me. Then all of the sudden, I knew exactly what it was! It was as if I prepared myself for this very moment for the last 10 years. I needed to do business coaching, but I was going to do it differently. 

I looked at what I wish that I had when I started my coaching business, and there it was in flashing neon colors. A business coach that guided me in terms of the systems, a transformational coach that helped me as a person when I was not showing up, and a team to help me where I could not help myself in the back end of my business! 

I was told again, you cannot do that! 

Well, you already know how I respond where I hear that, watch me! I went to Score as per NYS Unemployments advice, and they were supposed to be my mentor to build MY business. Well because my business did not fit into THEIR business model, THEIR experience and THEIR ideas I was told that it cannot work. For one they said I need a masters in business and $60k in savings in the bank. 

I cried when they told me this.

It brought me back to those same feelings when I was a young teenage girl, and I felt defeated. I was so discouraged, I thought how will I ever start a business if that is what is needed? Then I remembered what I did when I wanted to go to school . . . 

And I did it anyway! 

I knew that I had the knowledge to do this, I studied so many programs to prepare my own business, I was the business development director at my last job and tripled their monthly gross from 400k to $1mm per MONTH! Now all the years of hard work, the studying, the long hours it brought me to this very moment to utilize ALL of my skills.

This my friends was the birth of
Virtually Empowered in 2015. 

I took a change and changed everything. I moved into my dream apartment on the beach with no income, just enough savings to cover me for 3 months - talk about setting a hard set goal! My unemployment would end just about the same time as my savings. So it had to work! 

I put my heart and soul into this business. I stopped listening to what others thought I should do and I did what I knew I was supposed to do.

Here I am just 3 years later with a business that is built almost 80% off referrals alongside my coaching practice. I am feeling aligned with myself because I am doing what I know that I can do by using all of my gifts. 

Here I am in 2018 with two businesses, thinking about a 3rd and all because I stopped listening to everyone else. Who are YOU listening to that is limiting you or holding you back? And when the self-doubt creeps in, whose voice is it?

I am multi-passionate, I am not confused.

I have skills that I have gained through the years, and I intend to generously use all of them. I am aware of how I thrive, and when I am busy, when I am helping others, and when all my parts are being used I feel whole. 

I hope that this story has inspired you, given you the ability to trust yourself, and the knowing of what you need to do. And my friend, if you would like support along the way I would be honored to share this path of exploration with you.





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Be Yourself so Your Voice Can Be Heard

Be Yourself

There is so much "noise" out there, and it can be overwhelming especially when you are starting out to determine which path to take. 

I have had some many clients that have come to me, whether it was for Business Coaching or Virtual Support with the team, and I ask them a simple question: 

What are you passionate about? 

The response is one of 3 things: 

  1. What am doing in my business right now (not as common as you would think) 
  2. I am passionate about --fill in the blank--, but PEOPLE SAID I will not make money doing it, so I am doing this instead. 
  3. I am not sure. I am so overwhelmed, I have lost connection to what that is. 

Which do you think is the most common? 
It is #2 and it breaks my heart. 

So many coaches out there are doing a disservice to their clients by inputting their opinions rather than HEARING what their client's dream is and working with them to have their dream come to life.

I am not sure if it is that they do not want to put in the work or they are afraid they do not have the answers, but it is my biggest pet peeve for sure.

I have always deeply believed in authentic marketing and taking the time to explore who my clients are as a person before I understand their dreams for their business. There is a PERSON behind every business, and sometimes that is forgotten. 

It is not about fitting in, it is about standing out.

Whether you work with a coach or you are finding your way yourself, please take the time to explore who you are and what you want out of your business. This is the foundation and without a foundation, similar to a home there will be cracks.

Don't listen to friends, family, coaches, and have them quiet your voice. 
Just because they cannot see or understand your dream, it does not make it any less real.

Do you want to reconnect to your passion or explore your business through your own eyes, let's schedule an Introductory call and discuss what that would look like for you?



I was Born to Inspire and Serve Others

Heart Centered Entrepreneur

Is your passion to support, inspire and serve others?
Are you a healer, coach, therapist, doctor or similar modality with a passion to help others?

So am I!

I remember when I first started my coaching business 10 years ago, on my own. There was not quite as much knowledge about the support that was available to help me, so I elected to chose the path of doing it all on my own. 

Ah yes, I remember it clearly. I just graduated from coaching school after an intense 10-month program ready to serve the world. When they talked about marketing in class, they almost made me feel like people would be knocking down my door. 

It was crickets. 

So I began venturing to create all of the necessary steps to organize a business myself. After all, for the last 20 years, I had some kind of management role in my career, and my role at the time was business development director for a law firm. 

If this firm was able to trust me, my ability to grow our business consistently, certainly I could do this for myself? Right? 

As I managed my full-time job at 60+ hours per week, and put my heart and soul into marketing, building my own website (yes that was interesting, to say the least) and getting my hands on every marketing how to class out there ... I was getting burnt out! I was not ready to give up though!

I took a break from my personal coaching, at least I did not market it, and after receiving a blessing to get severance from my job (this is a long story for another day), I launched Virtually Empowered.

So what sparked me to do this? 

A few things to be honest. One was after my severance pay ended, I was entitled to unemployment in NY while I built my business, but it had to be a brand new business I never had before.

Initially, I was disappointed to hear that I could not officially work on my coaching business, that was so important to me as I felt as though I spent my life preparing for it. Then I saw the blessing. I saw what I was meant to do and it was crystal clear! 

I was my client. I saw things differently. 

I was meant to inspire other new business owners and lead them to build their business.
It was as though fireworks were going off! 

business coach amanda scocozzo

I knew how many people out there, had a deep passion to serve others through various modalities, but often did not succeed in their business, because they were not focused on the "back end" of what was needed. 

They became overwhelmed by the day to day tasks, unclear how to create a consistent marketing message, did not know how to reach their clients, and let's not even talk about all of the technology needed to maintain their business. 

They were also burnt out from trying to figure it all out.

I saw that I was my client.

What was different was that I now had the time to apply all that I learned for my business, but was not allowed per-say if I wanted any support from unemployment. Now let's also be very clear that when you shift from a 6-Figure salary to unemployment, you are absolutely going to take every bit of help you can get to put things in motion.

This is when Virtually Empowered was born. My plan was to work with my clients as a Business Coach, Strategist, and Online Business manager while offering a team that specialized in working as Virtual Assistants for Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs

It was so easy to market to my clients, because I spoke their language, I understood their needs, and I knew how to help, What I always tell my clients, is I can see your vision, I can strategize with you, I can support you on your mindset and emotional blocks, but I cannot "push the button". 

They usually laugh with me. 

This is where my team comes in. I have a variety of amazing specialists that is ever growing, who support my clients in all aspects of their business (except bookkeeping) 

My clients work with me to develop the strategy, and with my team to implement the day to day. It has become the perfect match.

One thing that also makes us different, is I do not believe in cookie cutter techniques. No two businesses are the same. I want to hear about YOU, YOUR business, and YOUR goals - then we apply techniques and systems to meet those goals. 

One of the things I dislike most is during a sales call when someone asks me what my system is for XX. And, when I tell them, we do not have a system that matches all clients, we need to first look at their business they seem annoyed or puzzled.

I do not know about you. but when I speak with a business coach or virtual assistant, the last thing that I want to hear is that they are applying the same exact techniques for me as they did for the last 20 customers. I want to take the time to hear about YOU and develop a unique business blueprint that is customized to meet your needs. 

That is what makes Virtually Empowered special, stand out and develop long-term relationships with our clients. I am seeing my clients as a whole person. If you are a service based entrepreneur, you know that YOU are YOUR business. So when you are struggling in a personal crossroads, it will absolutely affect how you show up. I am here to support YOU as a person, YOU as a business owner, and the team will support you in your day to day needs.

Want to learn more about Virtually Empowered, whether it be to hire a business coach, hire a virtual assistant or both with a customized plan , there are options available for you. 



Open Your Mind to Possibilities

Open your mind

Is your business something that is regimented or something you are open to receive?

Many times would I see working with my clients, is that they are looking at their business with tunnel vision.

Well sometimes having tunnel vision is important, keeping your mind open to receive is equally as important.

Particularly in the development of an online business, Trends and software are constantly changing. Now don't get me wrong, it does not mean that you need to use all of them and spend all of your time focusing on the newest gadget... What I am saying, is when you are presented an opportunity to learn a new way of doing something that can be more efficient in your business and potentially help your business to grow, let it marinate for a moment.

We all have things that we like to do and can easily get stuck in our ways. As an entrepreneur, not having to report to a boss, we often can stay in our own head and not see what is directly in front of us.

Keep your eyes.
Keep your mind open.
Just simply ask yourself, what if?

Just know that things will present themselves, and it is up to you to evaluate how you want to proceed.

Want to work through these ideas together, and create a rock-solid plan?
Let's set up a free consultation, and discuss what that would look like. You do not need to figure it out alone.



The Mindset of a Successful Entrepreneur

Have you ever come to a point where you feel like you are ready to give up? 
As an entrepreneur, this is something that crosses all of our minds at one time or another.
It does not mean that you have failed. 
It does not mean that it will not work out. 
It does not mean that it is over.

How you manage these thoughts is the KEY.
Look for the lesson.
What went wrong?
What did you learn?
How can you do it better next time? 
Now DO IT.

It is not much different than that first time you tried to ride a bicycle.
Did you ever fall down?
Did you give up or get back up and try again?

THIS is the life of a successful entrepreneur.

Want support, contact me for a 1:1 consultation, and we can share this journey together. 

Amanda Scocozzo. CPC
Business Strategist | Mentor | Coach


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My secret to kicking fear in the bootie!

How many times has fear crept up on you and left you paralyzed? 

I bet you have said to yourself at one time or another something along these lines:

  • It just was not meant to be (AKA- I failed and I give up) 
  • This always happens to me (AKA - I failed and I give up) 
  • I did not really want to do it anyway (AKA- I failed and don't want you to know how bad I wanted it) 
  • I will do it next week (AKA- If I do it today- I might fail and I am not prepared to deal with failure) 
  • This is just my luck (AKA- If I act like I expect nothing of myself, I can never fail or disappoint myself) 

Have I hit home yet? Guess what- YOU ARE NOT ALONE! 

Half of the reasons we do not get ahead and accomplish our goals is because we did not mentally prepare and get out mind into the right place. I am sure you are wondering now, well..

How the heck do I do that? 

I thought you would never ask! I have taken on this nifty trick that has gotten me through some of the scariest decisions I have ever made and it is something that I want for you as well. 

This is a 2 part process so let's start with Step 1

1. Let go of the need to be CERTAIN of the outcome. According to Tony Robbins, and a test he often recommends called the Six Human Needs one of the most common highest needs is a desire for certainty. I know first hand about this because it is what keep me in a career I hated for nearly 20 years.  In working with law and finance for 20 years, it fought against every grain of my being as I am someone who thrives in helping others and being of service. Fear of the unknown and leaving this career and my steady paycheck is what had me feeling trapped and burdened by the unknown possibilities. As I gradually began to embrace new challenges, and small victories where I allowed change and uncertainty into my life is when I started to feel alive and truly step into my deepest and truest self. 

2. Define the outcome if no action is taken. Take a moment and look at your problem. Imagine something that you want to do but that you are scared to move forward on.

  1. Now imagine that no action was taken or that you never tried.
  2. What are the results of remaining status quo and how will it negatively impact your life?
  3. What is the worst case scenario if you NEVER do it? 
  4. How will that hurt you and what will it affect? 
  5. Who else is impacted by this decision in your life? 
  6. By not trying, how will it affect them? 
  7. If you see yourself in 5 years, in the same place and did not take the initiative to make that move, how do you think you will feel when looking back? 
  8. What will that affect have on your life in 5 years? 
  9. How will others around you be impacted in five years? 
  10. How do you feel this in your body now that you are stuck and not moving through where you need to be? 

Make this exercise as VIVID AND BOLD as you can. The uglier and more deep you go with it the greater impact you will have. The key is we are often more motivated by pain than pleasure. So using this as your focal point to push through where you are stuck, can take the shift away from fear as your goal becomes to avoid pain. The pain of not trying ends up to be far worse than simply trying something and not succeeding. 

Remember to fail forward and embrace failure. It means that you tried and got out of your comfort zone! 

What will you try TODAY that you have been putting off? 

If you need help with making this boldly unbearable, and build a plan towards execution- shoot me a message and we can certainly chat!  

Virtually Yours- 

Amanda Scocozzo, CPC, Business Strategist

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6 Things to Get Started After You Become a Coach


6 Things to Get Started After You Become a Coach

Ok! So you had a dream right?

You wanted to serve others and live from your heart!

Your dream was to contribute in a positive way to the world and make it a better place.

You have loads of ideas that you cannot wait to implement! 

You followed your heart and passion with a deep desire to succeed and dove head first into any book, article, youtube video, online course, and certification you could get your hands on! 

It is time, you are ready to get your hands dirty, share your knowledge, and fill your heart with the joy of helping others. You experience an inner knowing from within, that others need you and you have the ability to impact lives to make a positive change. There are people everywhere that you should connect with. 

You are bursting inside to share your knowledge with others! 

Where do you begin? 


I am sure as you are surrounded by people "who have made it", Facebook in particular - you are feeling frustrated and maybe even a little embarrassed not knowing where to start or even how to ask for help.

It seems like these coaches are popping up everywhere with courses explaining how they made $10,000 in their first 30 days. Are you sick of those ads yet? I know I am, I am seeing them everywhere. 

So what happens then? You take yet another course, that maybe you do not apply yourself to fully - either because you don't have the time OR you do not know how to implement the technical aspect of the plan. One way or the other - you burn out, get overwhelmed and give up. 

If they are not paying you, it is a hobby not a business. So where do you get started?


1. Practice .. Practice ... Practice

  • I cannot emphasize this enough.  Get used to working with others and finding out how you relate to different personalities.  
  • Even if when you are starting out - you do it for free, this practice is not just a gift you them but a lesson for YOU.
  • Use this time to overcome your fears, develop your voice, and create your Signature Plan
  • FYI - The Signature Plan that you offer, will not resonate unless you know WHO you are speaking to and WHAT you offer them - this is where the PRACTICE comes in.

Practice is a gift not just for others, but for YOU.

3. Be Real - People can see bullshit a mile away, so do yourself a favor and just be you. 

  • Your pain points are your gifts 
  • Remember to deliver how you grew because of them 
  • Share parts of you, those vulnerable scary parts - because someone out there is going through the same thing and needs your message.


4. When is too much? Finding the balance between oversharing and providing value

  • Take a moment and breathe if you are going through something, but as the light begins to open up this is when it is safe to share. You want to find the balance between sharing to help others grow, and others seeing you in your chaos.
  • Do a check in with yourself, if your energy is still unclear - this is not the time to share. Give it a moment and sit with it - the lesson is not going anywhere.

4.  Know Your Audience  - This is where it all begins. I know you might be sick of hearing "Find Your Niche", but trust me, without it- you will find yourself spinning your wheels. I am so passionate about your voice and message being clear, I am offering a complimentary call - no strings attached - because it means that much to me. 

Let's Create Magic Together, Call Me! 

If you are stuck, and struggling to narrow down your audience - schedule a call today  

5. Be Consistent - You do not need to fit in a box, or do what everyone else is doing - actually Please Don't!! But - whatever direction and plan you have stick with it, you never know who is watching.

  • Consistency breeds confidence
  • Confidence breeds certainty
  • Certainty breeds empowerment 

6. Be Seen - Get out there and get in front of people. Here are some ideas:

  • Periscope / Facebook Live
  • Deliver value in communities/Facebook groups
  • Build a local community in your town - library, wellness center, business center, schools 
  • Go where your audience is and engage them 
  • Offer free opt-ins to build your tribe - Downloads, Video Series, Free Call 
  • Guest speaker on podcasts
  • Guest Writer on blogs 
  • Establish yourself as an expert. 

Now get out there, try it, and let me know how you did!