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They Told Me I Could not Do It! I Proved Them Wrong AGAIN

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I have been told SO many times in life: 

You can't do that.
You won't succeed.
You won't make money doing that.
If you don't do XX you will XX (fill in the blank, I cannot begin to list them all!)

I am not sure how I managed to stay on track after being knocked down. I am not talking about just business here. 

Can I be real with you?

I remember back to my teen years when I wanted to attend cosmetology. (Wasn't that what every girl dreams of? Unlimited access to hair, makeup, nails for HOURS each day?)

I digress.

I remember the day I told my father, the person who was supposed to build me up, sharing what my dreams were, His exact words: 

You will never make money doing that, and I am not going to waste my money on it because I know you will never follow through.

Ouch! That stings!

So what am I hearing and interpreting in my mind and heart is I am not valuable enough for you to invest your money in, I am a failure, and my dreams are not important. 

How do you think that impacted me? 

Well for most, it would knock them down and they would give up. I had the opposite effect. I was tired of hearing this story repeated over and over and a switch went off. I was going to prove him wrong! I got the money together that summer for enrollment and hustled in my summer job to raise enough money to attend. My high school paid for the rest, I only needed enough to cover supplies, thank goodness.

Now to give you an understanding, my father and I did not have an ideal father-daughter relationship. We were more like oil and water.  (Oil and water don’t mix no matter how much a person might try.)

I ended up completing cosmetology and averaged a 90-95 average. It was absolutely something I enjoyed, After graduation, I worked in various salons, but I realized the physical aspect of the work and did not stay on this career path for long. Does it mean that I failed? No, I learned a lot along the way, and still utilize a lot of it to this day. It was an incredible experience, and do not regret the time or effort put in. After all, is this not how we find our way? 

Let's flash ahead 10 years

When I started my coaching business ten years ago, I had so many naysayers, especially because coaching was not yet as popular as it is today. That I could not make money, that I could not sustain myself, that people do not need that kind of service. Imagine that! Look at where we are now! The coaching industry has certainly taken off since then.

I trusted myself and knew that it was my calling. My passion since I was a child if you can imagine that, serving others and helping them to find a way to blossom and grow. It was who I was, how could I not do this?

I maintained my coaching part time, regularly attended classes to further my education, and fully embraced my destiny. Nothing anyone said could hold me back, nothing could stop me.

Except for the New York State Unemployment Office! 

I was so close to fully stepping into my dream, I had left my corporate job now, about 5 years ago with severance pay, and thought this is it! It is time for me to go all in and launching my coaching practice. 

I hit a roadblock! 

When I applied for unemployment, they said that you could start a business while unemployed but it needed to be a business I never did before. I thought to myself, great here is my chance to put 110% into my coaching business and I have hit a wall. 

I did not stay down for long. 

It was time to get creative because I knew that working in an office was no longer for me. Then all of the sudden, I knew exactly what it was! It was as if I prepared myself for this very moment for the last 10 years. I needed to do business coaching, but I was going to do it differently. 

I looked at what I wish that I had when I started my coaching business, and there it was in flashing neon colors. A business coach that guided me in terms of the systems, a transformational coach that helped me as a person when I was not showing up, and a team to help me where I could not help myself in the back end of my business! 

I was told again, you cannot do that! 

Well, you already know how I respond where I hear that, watch me! I went to Score as per NYS Unemployments advice, and they were supposed to be my mentor to build MY business. Well because my business did not fit into THEIR business model, THEIR experience and THEIR ideas I was told that it cannot work. For one they said I need a masters in business and $60k in savings in the bank. 

I cried when they told me this.

It brought me back to those same feelings when I was a young teenage girl, and I felt defeated. I was so discouraged, I thought how will I ever start a business if that is what is needed? Then I remembered what I did when I wanted to go to school . . . 

And I did it anyway! 

I knew that I had the knowledge to do this, I studied so many programs to prepare my own business, I was the business development director at my last job and tripled their monthly gross from 400k to $1mm per MONTH! Now all the years of hard work, the studying, the long hours it brought me to this very moment to utilize ALL of my skills.

This my friends was the birth of
Virtually Empowered in 2015. 

I took a change and changed everything. I moved into my dream apartment on the beach with no income, just enough savings to cover me for 3 months - talk about setting a hard set goal! My unemployment would end just about the same time as my savings. So it had to work! 

I put my heart and soul into this business. I stopped listening to what others thought I should do and I did what I knew I was supposed to do.

Here I am just 3 years later with a business that is built almost 80% off referrals alongside my coaching practice. I am feeling aligned with myself because I am doing what I know that I can do by using all of my gifts. 

Here I am in 2018 with two businesses, thinking about a 3rd and all because I stopped listening to everyone else. Who are YOU listening to that is limiting you or holding you back? And when the self-doubt creeps in, whose voice is it?

I am multi-passionate, I am not confused.

I have skills that I have gained through the years, and I intend to generously use all of them. I am aware of how I thrive, and when I am busy, when I am helping others, and when all my parts are being used I feel whole. 

I hope that this story has inspired you, given you the ability to trust yourself, and the knowing of what you need to do. And my friend, if you would like support along the way I would be honored to share this path of exploration with you.





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