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10 Ways to Build An Email List

While social media marketing is the latest marketing frontier, email lists remain the best way to communicate with your customers. Email provides the best ROI in terms of selling to your customers, even beating popular social platforms. Before you can explore email marketing, though,you need to build an email list. Here are some ideas to help you get started and keep your list growing.

 1. Create great email content

Content is always number one. If you want to build a dedicated audience that respond to your pitches, you have to give them valuable content in return. A large part of building an email list is making promises; your content is where you deliver on those promises. If you do a good enough job, people will be eager to join your list and stick around.


2. Build a website

There are two reason websites are very important to your email list: 1. Your website is a great place to promote your email list, and 2. Your website is a place for leads to gather and learn more about your business. Without a website, you’re probably going to have a hard time getting people to sign up for your list.


3. Promote your email list on your website

If your email list is your main focus, your website should be funneling leads toward a call-to-action to provide their email. Even if it isn’t your main focus, there should be a CTA somewhere that allows visitors to easily join your email list. That way, when you promote your website, you’ll also be promoting your email list.


4. Create great website content

While you’re working on your website, be sure to hold that website content to the same standard as your email content. This is especially important if you have a blog. Your audience will respond to valuable content wherever it is. They’ll also walk away if they sense you’re just trying to sell them something. Give them a reason to trust your email list.


5. Build a social media account

If you don’t already have at least one social media account, you probably shouldn’t be worrying about an email list just yet. At any rate, be sure to include CTAs for your email list (or whatever your email list is offering) on your social media profiles.


6. Create great social media content

Are you detecting a theme yet? Your social media content, website content, and email list content should not only all be great, but they should work together to build your audience and move your leads toward conversion.


7. Advertise on social media

Good old advertisements still works, you just have to know how to use them. Facebook ads are particularly useful since Facebook is great at targeting your audience, but other social platforms can be useful as well. Just create ads that let people know what your email list can provide to them.


8. Make an offer

You can offer discounts and deals, but some of the best offers are things you can provide for no cost other than your time. People will join email lists that promise them exclusive information, ebooks, and other resources that you can create for free. The key is to know what your audience actually wants (hint: they don’t want your product, they want the benefits of your product).


9. Hold a contest

People love free stuff and, as long as the entry fee is low, they’ll enter a contest for a chance to obtain said free stuff. Since you’ll only be asking them for their email address, the entry fee is essentially zero. Just be sure to offer a prize that gets your audience’s attention.


10. Get out of the office

While digital marketing is certainly the way to go these days, face-to-face marketing still works. If you see any offline events that interest you, consider attending and networking while you’re there. It’s more work for what will probably be a smaller number of leads, but the quality of those leads will be far higher than any anonymous email address. At the end of the day, quality makes more sales than quantity. 

I know sometimes it is easy to be bogged down by the day to day tasks, that it can feel like this is just adding more things to your to do list. If you feel that you could benefit from a "done for you" service - I would love to hear your comments below. 

I am in the midst of building a full 30 day list building product where we do ALL the work for you. It is something that I know my clients will really love, because who does not want an amazing email list? 

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10 Best Practices to Create Engaging Social Media Content

Hours spent examining, dissecting, and ultimately producing compelling content to help you achieve whatever content marketing goal you may have. You will most likely need to contribute just as much time (if not more) promoting your content than producing it... 

...but are you doing it effectively and efficiently?

1. Headlines are everything
Write sensational headlines that help your social media posts to be more profitable on social media. You can also write a new headline particularly for distributing your content on the social media platform of your choice. 

2. Embrace the visual
Don't only share a branded “featured image” attached to your post, but also, share individual image concepts for each main point in your content. Share it when you frequently post them to your social media account.

3. Choose right platform
It is highly essential to get acquainted with the major social media platform(s) your target audience uses, but repetition and just “dumping” content across all channels is not ideal.

4. Use customization options provided on the platform
Use the customizable post options on each form of social media. Customization mainly includes the headline. Every marketer and social media user are fighting to grab the user’s attention. Therefore, the more optimized your post is for a certain platform, the more powerful your social media advertisement will be.

5. Share at the right time
For supreme engagement, the content you are distributing must reach as many individuals as possible. This allows you to go where the crowd is and when they are online and active.

6. Don’t be afraid to post multiple times
With various images and multiple titles for your posts, you can connect with your fans without them even recognizing a link is pointing to the same content you posted before. 

7. Ask relevant questions
Encourage social media users to connect with you. Doing so increases the chance of engaging with your content. 

8. Nothing is free
Paid Social traffic is mainstream, which means that you can pay ads that push your content into their social media news feeds, where visibility is ensured.

9. Leverage communities for exposure
Become an engaged member of related communities. This enables you to create exposure to your content to a targeted following of social media. LinkedIn alone has more than a million users!

10. Leverage and learn from other content creators
There are groups such as Viral Content Buzz, Social Buzz Club, Triberr and whose sole objective is to bring content creators together and enhance your social media advertisement.

Social media are powerful (mainly free) tools available to the public. Nevertheless, most content marketers neglect to use them to their full potential. By using one, several or even all of these 10 best practices to promote your content, you will be equipped to multiply your traffic website from social media.

Always be Yourself

For more information with regards to promoting your blog content, creating a social media strategy, and building a consistent message: visit to take your social media presence to the next level.

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