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Be Yourself so Your Voice Can Be Heard

Be Yourself

There is so much "noise" out there, and it can be overwhelming especially when you are starting out to determine which path to take. 

I have had some many clients that have come to me, whether it was for Business Coaching or Virtual Support with the team, and I ask them a simple question: 

What are you passionate about? 

The response is one of 3 things: 

  1. What am doing in my business right now (not as common as you would think) 
  2. I am passionate about --fill in the blank--, but PEOPLE SAID I will not make money doing it, so I am doing this instead. 
  3. I am not sure. I am so overwhelmed, I have lost connection to what that is. 

Which do you think is the most common? 
It is #2 and it breaks my heart. 

So many coaches out there are doing a disservice to their clients by inputting their opinions rather than HEARING what their client's dream is and working with them to have their dream come to life.

I am not sure if it is that they do not want to put in the work or they are afraid they do not have the answers, but it is my biggest pet peeve for sure.

I have always deeply believed in authentic marketing and taking the time to explore who my clients are as a person before I understand their dreams for their business. There is a PERSON behind every business, and sometimes that is forgotten. 

It is not about fitting in, it is about standing out.

Whether you work with a coach or you are finding your way yourself, please take the time to explore who you are and what you want out of your business. This is the foundation and without a foundation, similar to a home there will be cracks.

Don't listen to friends, family, coaches, and have them quiet your voice. 
Just because they cannot see or understand your dream, it does not make it any less real.

Do you want to reconnect to your passion or explore your business through your own eyes, let's schedule an Introductory call and discuss what that would look like for you?