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Have you burnt yourself out by trying to do it all?


Have you burnt yourself out by trying to do it all?

I bet like most entrepreneurs, you envisioned things MUCH different right.

Sure you knew there would be busy days, and long nights - that is to be expected. It is part of the growing process. After all, it is YOUR baby, so why would you just pass it off onto someone else. 

I am glad you asked! 

There is a such thing as taking on more than you can handle. In order to flourish, at some point, you need to let go. How long do you think you can maintain these 16-18 hour days, no sleep, no food, and not seeing daylight? I know this is NOT what you had in mind when you decided to start your business. 

Start with the little things 

Yes, I said it start to let go. What I always ask my clients when they come on board is where is your energy? When do you feel like you are coming ALIVE! Anything less than that, start delegating. Sure maybe you cannot do it all at once, but what are the tasks that you have simply been avoiding because you cannot even bear to think about it. Does it feel like it pains your soul to even imagine just one more day, with this sitting on your to-do list. 

Start there!

What was that one thing that just makes you feel like you are dying inside? If you took that off your plate, and the little magical elves came in and ROCKED IT OUT - what would be possible for you on this brand new day knowing that is off your plate? 

FOCUS on what you LOVE

Let's keep it simple and straight forward. I bet you did not know it could be this easy! When you get rid of the things that are depleting your energy, and you stop complaining and do something about it, your energy becomes revived because you took control of the situation, got productive, and got it done! 

My clients say ... 

There are a few things I hear time and time again, and so that you know you are not alone,. I will share with you the things I have found most of clients LEAST enjoy: 

Are you surprised? 

These are some of the most common tasks we manage, in addition to my number one assignment which is product launches. Working with heart centered entrepreneurs, I have found with some much passion in heart doing what they love, their energy is depleted by doing some of the day to day tasks that are needed to maintain a business. 

Doesn't it help to know, you are not alone! 

I have seen my clients businesses grow quicker than they imagined, when they had the time to focus and dedicate themselves to where their heart and passion lies. For me, it feels good knowing I support my clients as their business partner with a full team standing behind them.

I am curious, what is the number thing that gets in your way that is depleting your energy. Comment below!!

Amanda Scocozzo - Certified Life & Business Coach

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