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I was Born to Inspire and Serve Others

Heart Centered Entrepreneur

Is your passion to support, inspire and serve others?
Are you a healer, coach, therapist, doctor or similar modality with a passion to help others?

So am I!

I remember when I first started my coaching business 10 years ago, on my own. There was not quite as much knowledge about the support that was available to help me, so I elected to chose the path of doing it all on my own. 

Ah yes, I remember it clearly. I just graduated from coaching school after an intense 10-month program ready to serve the world. When they talked about marketing in class, they almost made me feel like people would be knocking down my door. 

It was crickets. 

So I began venturing to create all of the necessary steps to organize a business myself. After all, for the last 20 years, I had some kind of management role in my career, and my role at the time was business development director for a law firm. 

If this firm was able to trust me, my ability to grow our business consistently, certainly I could do this for myself? Right? 

As I managed my full-time job at 60+ hours per week, and put my heart and soul into marketing, building my own website (yes that was interesting, to say the least) and getting my hands on every marketing how to class out there ... I was getting burnt out! I was not ready to give up though!

I took a break from my personal coaching, at least I did not market it, and after receiving a blessing to get severance from my job (this is a long story for another day), I launched Virtually Empowered.

So what sparked me to do this? 

A few things to be honest. One was after my severance pay ended, I was entitled to unemployment in NY while I built my business, but it had to be a brand new business I never had before.

Initially, I was disappointed to hear that I could not officially work on my coaching business, that was so important to me as I felt as though I spent my life preparing for it. Then I saw the blessing. I saw what I was meant to do and it was crystal clear! 

I was my client. I saw things differently. 

I was meant to inspire other new business owners and lead them to build their business.
It was as though fireworks were going off! 

business coach amanda scocozzo

I knew how many people out there, had a deep passion to serve others through various modalities, but often did not succeed in their business, because they were not focused on the "back end" of what was needed. 

They became overwhelmed by the day to day tasks, unclear how to create a consistent marketing message, did not know how to reach their clients, and let's not even talk about all of the technology needed to maintain their business. 

They were also burnt out from trying to figure it all out.

I saw that I was my client.

What was different was that I now had the time to apply all that I learned for my business, but was not allowed per-say if I wanted any support from unemployment. Now let's also be very clear that when you shift from a 6-Figure salary to unemployment, you are absolutely going to take every bit of help you can get to put things in motion.

This is when Virtually Empowered was born. My plan was to work with my clients as a Business Coach, Strategist, and Online Business manager while offering a team that specialized in working as Virtual Assistants for Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs

It was so easy to market to my clients, because I spoke their language, I understood their needs, and I knew how to help, What I always tell my clients, is I can see your vision, I can strategize with you, I can support you on your mindset and emotional blocks, but I cannot "push the button". 

They usually laugh with me. 

This is where my team comes in. I have a variety of amazing specialists that is ever growing, who support my clients in all aspects of their business (except bookkeeping) 

My clients work with me to develop the strategy, and with my team to implement the day to day. It has become the perfect match.

One thing that also makes us different, is I do not believe in cookie cutter techniques. No two businesses are the same. I want to hear about YOU, YOUR business, and YOUR goals - then we apply techniques and systems to meet those goals. 

One of the things I dislike most is during a sales call when someone asks me what my system is for XX. And, when I tell them, we do not have a system that matches all clients, we need to first look at their business they seem annoyed or puzzled.

I do not know about you. but when I speak with a business coach or virtual assistant, the last thing that I want to hear is that they are applying the same exact techniques for me as they did for the last 20 customers. I want to take the time to hear about YOU and develop a unique business blueprint that is customized to meet your needs. 

That is what makes Virtually Empowered special, stand out and develop long-term relationships with our clients. I am seeing my clients as a whole person. If you are a service based entrepreneur, you know that YOU are YOUR business. So when you are struggling in a personal crossroads, it will absolutely affect how you show up. I am here to support YOU as a person, YOU as a business owner, and the team will support you in your day to day needs.

Want to learn more about Virtually Empowered, whether it be to hire a business coach, hire a virtual assistant or both with a customized plan , there are options available for you.