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Who are You Talking To?

Have you ever found yourself talking and no one is listening? You think you have a great message, but then crickets? 

You craft your message, and get no response.
You post your blog, but no one even reads it.
You send out an offer, and you do not even get one nibble. 

You are passionate. 
You are focused.
You are wanting to serve. 

So what the hell is wrong? 

Your message is simply too watered down. You are desperate,trying to please everyone and get some action in your business - but instead it is causing the opposite effect. No one is listening, because your message is simply not in their language.  So it does not "land" anywhere.

Desperation is NOT a good look! 

How do you fix that, believe it or not - I am going to give you my secret weapon! 

This works about 89% of the time, and it is going to work for you too. Take a moment, and reflect. Imagine where you were 5 years ago in your life. Think about one of the biggest obstacles you were working through and answer yourself these questions: 
(ok maybe it was 6 years ago, let's not get stuck there ... )

  1. What obstacle were you working to overcome? 
  2. What did you need at that time? 
  3. What was missing in your life? 
  4. What tools did you use to work through this challenge? 
  5. How does this relate to the message in your business today? 

I work through this exercise with at least half of my clients, and it just about always seems to return an eye opener. So why 5 years? That is just enough time to have worked through a problem, have detached from the turmoil or pain, and feel strong about the decision you made whereas you feel confident sharing this gift with others. 

PS- This is how Virtually Empowered was born! I looked at my coaching business and what was missing. I did not know how to build an online business at the time, I tried to do it all alone. I built Virtually Empowered around everything I wish I had when I started as a coach.

Now don't kick yourself too hard if it does not come up right away, sometimes it is like the after effects of an earthquake that gives a softer need for attention, a gentle rumble. 

Take note not just today, but the next few days and see what surfaces.

Then share it with me! (leave your comments below or email me!  Still feeling stuck, and you could use some help? Schedule a call with me and let's see what we can come up with together! 

Lotsa XO,