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Instagram the Love Story Part 3:

Instagram Marketing

I knew I loved him, and what I admired about him was his deep desire for authenticity. 

Since we have met all of these new faces, "He" never lost sight of being "himself" and constantly finds new ways to show up and share "His" gifts. 

It started out simple, "He" was shy and just left love notes.

Then "He" began sharing it with more people. as "He" explored new places to hang out. "He" recognized that he could bring ALL parts of himself, and as "He evolved - the placed "He" hung out evolved as well.

"We" shared words, thoughts and now even show up sometimes personally to meet these virtual souls around us through video.

Always changing.
Always evolving.
Instagram, I love you.

If you would like to have a relationship like #Instagram and I do, with authentic selling, a place to be yourself, and a place to meet your tribe - don't hesitation to reach out. 

The packages I designed are just for you! Sign up here! 



I Fell in Love and I want to Celebrate it with You

It was a cold winter day when we met. We locked eyes, and I knew at that very moment this love was going to last. 

We exchanged words, we shared photos, we met so many new people. 
It just felt like home. 

I wanted to learn everything about my love, so we spent a lot of time together, I asked a lot of questions, we even tried ALOT of new things - but those are secrets to share for another day.

I will admit, just last year I was a non-believer. I did not think this could happen. I would simply just turn my head the other way..

Here I am only SIX MONTHS later, and I cannot contain myself. 


In only 6 months, I grew my coaching page on Instagram to almost 7,000 followers. (NO they are not bots, NO they are not fake, NO I did not pay for them) and it has been LIFE CHANGING! 

Almost every week someone new sends me a message on Instagram and it has created a skyrocket in my business. I am seeing my analytics increase, my engagement is incredible and I am seeing my business grow organically. Best of all, I am providing quality content and I know I am making an impact on others which is really what it is all about, right? 

Here is where YOU come in! 

I have enjoyed doing this so much, I want to share the love with YOU. So, I created 2 Instagram Marketing Packages.

Here are your options: 
Plan A - Instagram Starter Pack $450 MONTH

  • 1 QUALITY Instagram post per day (think Mini blog - NOT pretty little quotes) 
  • Researched hashtags to fit your niche 
  • Engagement 
  • Averages 30-40 followers increased per week

Plan B -Instagram Growth Kit $850 MONTH

  • 2-3 Instagram Posts per day with at least 1 Mini blog style post (per day)
  • Promotions with high-level focused engagement
  • High-touch to engage new followers
  • Provide clean up of dormant accounts
  • Competitor research and analysis 
  • Instagram ad management
  • Averages 100-200 followers per week

There are only 4 SPOTS open and the promotion will end Monday.

Once you sign up below, I will send you a questionnaire to answer about your business and we can get started.