Many clients come to me when managing their projects, with forgotten passwords, passwords in a notebook, passwords saved on a computer, or everything is exactly the same. 

Red Flag! 

I cringe when I hear this when I think about what could happen to them should their information get into the wrong hands! Afterall, this is the livelihood of their business, and what if they got into the wrong hands? 

I hear so many nightmare stories not only of someone having their passwords compromised, website hacked, and even bank accounts compromised.

In the high technology that we are surrounded with, it is far too easy to have them compromised, and undoing this process I do not wish on my worst enemy. 

Then let's talk about the time wasted while you are looking for that secret piece of paper that you kept in a safe place! (How is that working out for you?)

My solution which I recommend to clients when they want to keep everything safe and secure and remember 1 simple password is Lastpass. 

Not only will you have ALL of your passwords in 1 place (happy dance) you can securely share them with team members, your accountant and others who may need access. You can restrict the access when the other part no longer needs it. AND one more bonus, when you change your password and update the new one in the software, it automatically changes it with whomever you granted access.

It is a WIN WIN for everyone! 

As for myself as the owner of multiple businesses and also managing sensitive client information, I do not know where I would be without it. Lastpass is so easy to use and very secure! 

For more information on how this works, CLICK HERE. 

Be sure to let me know what you think and how you like it!