How accessible have you made it for clients to reach you and how many hurdles do they have to jump to get there?

PLEASE stop putting potential clients through hurdles to "prove" they are worthy enough to work with you.

This is one egotistical set of marketing (the scarcity tactic) that just gets under my skin. Stop operating from EGO, and serve from the heart. 
I think I might need to do a video on this one, because I am VERY passionate about this.

Nothing bothers me more, than when I see businesses set up tools to apply as a prerequisite to get onto a phone call simply to save them time.

What kind of society has it become that people are SO picky that they feel that they are in a position to reject people from working with them because THEY are not right? If that does not define EGO I do not know what does, and certainly that limelight will wear out soon enough.

Be authentic.
Be real.
Be accessible.
Be available.

Clients should not have to fill out 20 forms simply to set up a call. That being said, I do have a form that potential clients can fill out prior to our call, and not everyone does it - that is ok too. The difference is my questionnaire, according to clients who have filled it out said it helped to prepare them for the call, and really reflect on where they need help in their business. It helped us when we got on the introduction call to really dive into the juicy meat of their needs.

Why is THIS different, because i am not using it to judge or reject them AND if they choose to not fill it out, they can still set up a call. (They just won't have the advantage of me understanding their business prior to the call)

The reality is your clients might be too busy to fill out a long form, and I respect that as well.

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Amanda Scocozzo
CEO - Virtually Empowered, LLC
Intuitive Coach | Business Strategist

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