We have all had slow days but it's important to still maximize your time.

1. Organize your desktop and office space. There is nothing better than having things exactly where you need them.

2. Plan ahead. Create an outline and drafts for the week or month if time permits for marketing, blogs, and social media.

3. Do a brain dump and brainstorm ideas that can generate income, boost productivity, and grow your business.

3. Update your competitor analysis worksheet by tracking your competition's Products/services, following, strengths and weaknesses.

4. Reference back to your ongoing checklist and look to see what you have been procrastinating on. You can turn a slow day into something highly productive that you can look back and feel good about.

5. Craft a presentation including slides about your business, how your business works and how it can benefit others. Use this as a marketing tool in the future by providing a link to the video which can be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo.

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