Everyone is looking to save and get the biggest bang for their buck, right? How much of your own time have you spent developing staff, and training them only to soon discover they do not meet your business needs?

Possibly you have things you need help with but it is simply not enough to bring someone on board. So rather than hiring someone, important tasks you need done are getting pushed to the side. 

Time and time again, I am told how much more people are saving by hiring a Virtual Assistant, let me share with you why, 

1. Having a Virtual Assistant saves cost on office utility and phone bills - That is right! By having a smaller staff you can utilize a smaller work-space, less equipment, less software to manage and less talking time- (We know how long winded those calls can be sometimes) 

2. Less Course training you need to take on for you or your staff. My famous motto is you cannot be everything to everybody. To run a successful flourishing business, there is alot to learn and that is why Virtually Empowered offers a Full Service Team. Combined we have a wide variety of skills, which means our Specialists provide optimum service in an efficient manner. 

3. Virtual Assistants provide business experience to support you on your business plan and collaborate together to design the most efficient processes without you having to waste your own valuable time researching it yourself. 

4. We are prepared with minimal notice to take on large projects. As an existing client, when a large project comes up we are here to support you with minimal transition. This alleviates the need to re-train and hire on site staff.  We have the ability to be flexible to meet Your business needs. 

5. No extra costs to factor in. The rate is what you pay for your package and that is it. There is no need to factor in vacation pay, health insurance, sick time, or taxes. (BUT .. we do love Chocolate!!) 

6. We do not take up any room. This means on your lease renewal you can maintain a smaller office space and even SAVE money. 

7. Even when it snows we are working. How many times have you had to close your office due to bad weather and fall behind on your work. Since we won't be coming into the office, we maintain a timely schedule. No traffic, No snow storms. We are simply here and ready.

8. No hiring fee when temporary coverage is needed. Have you ever had a project that needed assistance. Do you know the fees that temporary agency charge!! We simply customize the budget hours for your project needs. Put that money right into your team, rather than an agency that has no input on your work.

9.Virtual Assistants do not require overtime.  We are hired to complete the tasks at hand within the agreed budget. At Virtually Empowered our policy is when you have utilized 80% of your retainer, we contact you to authorize any time over the permitted amount of needed. We also are sure to prioritize the highest needs of the business to remain within budget whenever possible. There are no surprises here.  

10. Fire Your Business Coach This might sound drastic. Virtually Empowered is unique. Because the CEO, Amanda Scocozzo, C.P.C. is a certified transformational coach which has launched her own successful coaching practice, her clients enjoy the benefits of combined coaching and virtual assistance through a strategic business approach.  This leads directly into the team implementation. It saves you both time and money! 

Did you know that Amanda is committed to offering support to new clients by introducing a Complimentary Business Strategy Session


Amanda Scocozzo, C.P.C.