6 Tools That Will Help You Manage A Remote Team Effectively

How to Manage A Virtual Team

Remote working has grown exponentially in the past few years, and it shows no signs of slowing down. Remote work enables companies to hire the best people and gives employees more control over their working environment. One of the things that has allowed for this remote boom is the growth of tech tools designed to support virtual teams. In order to make the most out of any given remote working arrangement, managers need to become familiar with these tools and what they can offer them. 

Document Management

The first thing you are going to need is a cloud-enabled platform for all of your company’s documents. Google Drive is the most popular option, with shared document editing that is ideal for collaborating teams. It’s a great piece of software, but you should make sure you are using all the tools it offers. The Muse has a great list of tips and tricks that will help you make the most of your subscription, from learning the best shortcuts to pulling out text from PDFs. 

Knowledge Base 

One of the first (and biggest) mistakes managers make when recruiting remote teams is ignoring onboarding. Your remote workers should be introduced to their job and the company with the same care as an in-office employee would. 

Of course, it can be harder to answer every question, so it pays to have a comprehensive internal knowledge base at your workers’ disposal, containing all the info they need to get started. ProProfs Knowledge Base is an industry favorite tool for this, and it even has a free option for small businesses.

Video Conferencing

Chat functions are great for quick communication, but you can’t beat having actual face-to-face conversations. In remote teams, “face-to-face” often means video conferencing. There are several apps available for this. TechRadar rates Zoom as the best free option, but others are ideal if you want extra functionality. For example, Adobe Connect allows you to download and edit your calls as videos, and design how you want the call to be laid out. 

A handy extra tool you can use for video conferencing is a digital transcription service. For as little as $1 for 10 minutes of audio, you can get a full transcript of your calls, which can then be sent to all parties as a full set of notes on the meeting. Some of these services offer up to 95 percent accuracy and can have your transcript ready in five minutes. 

Slack Integrations

Slack is the top name when it comes to remote team communication tools. One of the reasons for its success is the huge availability of integrations and apps you can add to customize your experience to your team’s needs. Some of the best Slack integrations include Time Doctor, which helps you track your team’s time input and productivity, and Donut, which helps build personal connections within your team to boost morale and fight feelings of isolation from working remotely. 

Timezone Manager

It’s already complicated enough coordinating a team’s schedule when they are in the same office, but this can easily become a nightmare when they are spread across different time zones. A simple tool like World Time Buddy can help with this; just pick the relevant time zones, and you will get a view of where people’s work hours will overlap. 

Password Manager

Research has shown that 81 percent of company data breaches are due to poor passwords. One of the easiest ways to protect your company and your customers’ data is to ensure everyone is using strong passwords. However, these can be hard to keep track of, especially in a remote team, which is where a password manager comes in handy. There are several great options available, most of which are free. 

Gone are the days where “working from home” meant struggling to be understood over a crackly and confusing conference call. Nowadays, tech has enabled remote teams to work smoothly and effectively with each other. In many cases, you will find dozens of great tools, many of them free or very affordable, so always remember to do your research to find the best fit for your team. 



4 Dos and Don’ts for Keeping Your Business Data Secure from Scammers

How to Avoid a Data Brach

Every business has information they need to protect. Whether it’s personal client details or sensitive account information, securing your online data should always be a priority. Here are some simple steps you can take to prevent scammers and hackers from taking away from your business success.

Don’t Get Hooked by Phishing Scams

Chances are, you’ve come across a few articles on phishing. Phishing is aptly named because scammers attempt to lure users with enticing links or information requests. For example, an employee could receive a “prize notification” that requires them to open a link, but that link is set up to skim sensitive information from that employee as well as your business. Phishing can damage your bottom line if you don’t take preventative precautions, such as setting up standard spam filters for email accounts and helping employees recognize online scams before it’s too late. However, if you fall prey to a phishing scam and believe your data has been compromised, it’s important to call in professionals such as Secure Data Recovery to help get your business back on the right track. Don’t attempt to do any data recovery yourself; instead, let the pros handle the recovery process to ensure no further issues arise.

Do Create Internet Protocol for Employees

Phishing is not the only cyber danger that can threaten your business. Hackers and scammers are constantly on the hunt for ways to access your data. As a responsible business owner, you should make sure proper protections are in place to safeguard any sensitive information that could be accessed via your servers or online activity. This can, and should, include using appropriate data restrictions to prevent employees from accessing inappropriate or malicious websites, as well as using proper antivirus and encryption software for all devices.

Just as with phishing scams, however, one of the best ways to protect your business is to establish internet access rules for all employees. Without proper notification of these rules, employees may unknowingly put your business at risk by revealing private information via email or using unauthorized cloud storage for business purposes. So, make sure these policies are outlined for all new employees and made readily available for any staff member who may have questions.

Inform Clients About Any Breaches

If your business does experience a data breach, what you do next can determine how well your business recovers from this cyber crisis. Most internet security experts have slightly different takes on what should be a business’s first priority after a data breach, but the general consensus is that business owners need to have clear communication with their IT department, general staff, and customers during those recovery efforts. You have to be able to work with all parties involved to figure out what went wrong in the first place as well as how to prevent hackers from accessing your data in the future.

Customers also need to be informed of possible data leaks. In fact, all states currently have legislation in place that requires businesses to inform customers whenever their information may have been accessed by unauthorized parties. You should check your state’s specific requirements, but know that this is a step you cannot skip.

Stay Up to Date on Cyber Security Threats

Just as our use of the internet is constantly evolving, hackers are consistently upgrading their tools for accessing information. Digital assistants, artificial intelligence and even cloud storage can all eventually make businesses more vulnerable to new security threats, so whether you experience a data breach or not, always stay aware of all the ways that cyber criminals could be targeting your business. It also helps to know that no business is immune from data breaches or cyber attacks. Many retail chains, major corporations and even metropolitan cities were affected by cyber attacks in recent years, so make sure you use the tips above to keep your business safe in the future.

There’s no way to completely insulate your business from a cyber attack or data breach, but you can always take steps to improve your online security. You owe it to your business and your customers to keep sensitive data secure and take the proper steps after an attack happens. Doing so may just mean the difference in whether your business thrives or dies after an online attack.



Instagram the Love Story Part 3:

Instagram Marketing

I knew I loved him, and what I admired about him was his deep desire for authenticity. 

Since we have met all of these new faces, "He" never lost sight of being "himself" and constantly finds new ways to show up and share "His" gifts. 

It started out simple, "He" was shy and just left love notes.

Then "He" began sharing it with more people. as "He" explored new places to hang out. "He" recognized that he could bring ALL parts of himself, and as "He evolved - the placed "He" hung out evolved as well.

"We" shared words, thoughts and now even show up sometimes personally to meet these virtual souls around us through video.

Always changing.
Always evolving.
Instagram, I love you.

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You may have been like me where I used to look at Instagram, confused and just could not be bothered to learn yet another platform. Everything about it annoyed me, sounds like love doesn't it. A fairytale of pursuit.

I am not sure why I was avoiding it, was I scared of the commitment? 

When I let my guard down, and just opened up to what was possible it was like a vision of rainbows and unicorns dancing. I finally understood INSTAGRAM! 

I might have become slightly obsessed. 
I read everything I could get my hands on,
Studies every lesson. 
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I made it happen. I tested it out on my coaching page (most of you know I am a coach as well, but just in case THIS is the page I am referring to.) 

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I Fell in Love and I want to Celebrate it with You

It was a cold winter day when we met. We locked eyes, and I knew at that very moment this love was going to last. 

We exchanged words, we shared photos, we met so many new people. 
It just felt like home. 

I wanted to learn everything about my love, so we spent a lot of time together, I asked a lot of questions, we even tried ALOT of new things - but those are secrets to share for another day.

I will admit, just last year I was a non-believer. I did not think this could happen. I would simply just turn my head the other way..

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